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  Offer History for Listing:
1990 Pontiac Firebird Pro/AM
 Asking Price: $5,000
 Expires in -3218 days (9/3/2010)
Posted by lamarjohnson on Feb-27-10 8:11:06 PM
if you can drive it to me
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Offer Terms: Trade
Posted by shawnyj7 on Feb-18-10 6:29:41 AM
lmk either way
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Posted by novaguy3355 on Feb-17-10 6:42:46 PM
View my 1990 Toyota supra $6000
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Posted by buick9214 on Feb-17-10 2:37:37 PM
the 22's are sold. I have new 26's for it. solid classic car, original mileage.lmk thanks
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Posted by CadillacinTN on Feb-10-10 3:05:54 PM
LTM, I will throw in some cash.
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Posted by maflya on Feb-07-10 4:31:45 AM
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Posted by duston06 on Feb-04-10 4:38:32 PM
let me know, we can work something out
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Offer Terms: Trade
Posted by cbabs on Feb-04-10 4:14:43 PM
i have a very nice toyota supra turbo 1990 targo top car only has 61k miles
Offer Terms: Cash [$1]
Posted by buick9214 on Feb-03-10 5:18:26 AM
i have a 2001 hyundai elantra
30k on motor and trans
100k on body
email me for pictures. let me know
Offer Terms: Cash [$00]
Posted by hughes910 on Feb-01-10 11:23:48 AM
trade my monte and my 4x4 blazer lmk
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Posted by bballchick24sc on Dec-26-09 7:04:36 PM
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Posted by rollingcountry on Dec-23-09 8:56:55 PM
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Posted by jasonvires on Dec-21-09 8:39:17 PM
View my 1989 Ford mustang gt $6500
Offer Terms: Trade
Posted by poolhalljunkie425 on Dec-21-09 2:05:57 PM
will u trade for a '92 ford probe. it is still stock and needs a transmission kit for it.
Offer Terms: Cash [$0]
Posted by Kahones on Dec-17-09 7:03:38 AM
will u trade for a 1996 toyota tacoma or how much do you want?
Offer Terms: Cash [$0]
Posted by Kahones on Dec-08-09 10:21:33 AM