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1971 Chevrolet chevelle
Nevwr thought this day would come. Bye bye chevelle
Sold by: tradin4fun     Located in  Kansas City, KS
Classic Cars  $19,000 3/5/2015
10:41:51 PM
2003 Suzuki intruder
Got my asking price. Enjoy Adam
Sold by: no1chevyman     Located in  campbellsville, KY
Cruisers  $2,400 3/5/2015
4:16:23 PM
1997 Dodge Dakota
Traded up again!
Sold by: brianwc85     Located in  Young Harris, GA
Lifted Trucks  $6,250 3/5/2015
2:20:02 PM
1969 Chevrolet Chevelle
$18,500 SOLD!!!!!!! Thanks Again Mautofied.......
Sold by: gakountryboy     Located in  Jasper, GA
Classic Cars  $20,000 3/5/2015
9:27:54 AM
1999 Mercedes-Benz SLK 230
Sold by: carkrazy_13     Located in  San Augustine, TX
Import  $5,500 3/3/2015
9:51:08 PM
Autometer lunar speedo and fuel gauge
Sold before I even had to renew, got only $20 less than my asking price which was amazing to me. The gauges are on the way across the country today. Thank you guys so much
Sold by: Williomare     Located in  Monticello, GA
Gauge Pods  $170 3/3/2015
7:08:33 AM
2000 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71
Another One Gone Thanks
Sold by: chevrolet4x4     Located in  Huntsville, AL
Show SUVs  $6,999 3/1/2015
2:20:33 PM
1986 GMC 1986
Well it may have taken me a long time but for the 4th time or more I sold or traded my ride on mautofied got exactly what I wanted.
Sold by: chevydriver102     Located in  charleston, WV
Mini Truck  $111,111 3/1/2015
11:50:38 AM