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2001 Honda four track
Sold for 2200 .not bad the kid loved it but thanks again
Sold by: gtsboy     Located in  Tampa, FL
Other ATVs  $1 8/1/2014
6:20:21 AM
1926 Ford T-BUCKET
Sold its for 6k and got a badass 1400cc msx wave runner
Sold by: gtsboy     Located in  Tampa, FL
Hot Rods  $1 8/1/2014
6:16:07 AM
2000 BMW 323ci
Sold by: youngcar     Located in  memphis, TN
Euro  $4,500 8/1/2014
3:26:40 AM
2002 Subaru Wrx Turbo
Traded for a sick gsr swapped hatch thx mautofied
Sold by: beckley_wv     Located in  Beckley, WV
Import  $1 7/31/2014
11:33:38 PM
1994 Toyota 4runner sr5 4x4
Another one gone! Traded for a 97 dodge 1500 4x4. Thanks as always, mautofied!
Sold by: Noteverybodylikesus      Located in  Tullahoma, TN
Sport Utility  $3,500 7/31/2014
11:00:17 PM
1980 Chevrolet Powered < AMC AMX >
Hooked up with a guy through CL and away it goes ..............
Sold by: outcast13     Located in  Fisher, IL
Hot Rods  $5,500 7/31/2014
9:48:24 PM
2000 Ford F150
Traded for exactly what I was wanting. Hope the new owner has fun with a such a great truck.
Sold by: sd1988us     Located in  Flint, MI
Full Size Trucks  $1 7/31/2014
3:55:16 PM
66 VW bumpers with overrides
Sold for CASH!
Sold by: Jbridz     Located in  Owensboro, KY
Front Bumpers  $150 7/31/2014
1:46:03 PM
GM 6LUG 22's
Another one gone thanks
Sold by: sdime96     Located in  Alvaton, KY
22" Wheels  $350 7/31/2014
5:51:59 AM
1977 Chevrolet Corvette
Sold by: samtoler     Located in  Dayton, OH
Classic Cars  $8,500 7/30/2014
4:07:16 PM
1987 Toyota Pickup 4wd
Thanks again. Another one gone
Sold by: BrannonSmith     Located in  Forest City, NC
Lifted Trucks  $4,200 7/30/2014
3:33:38 PM
2001 Ford Lightning
Sold for $14,900 cash! $900 more than what I was asking!
Sold by: rose_01_003     Located in  Savannah, TN
Full Size Trucks  $14,000 7/29/2014
11:11:08 PM
1995 Nissan Hardbody
thanks again mautofied
Sold by: Miguelm     Located in  Belton, TX
Mini Truck  $9,000 7/29/2014
6:37:42 PM
2000 Toyota 4runner
thanks mautofied and found my next truck
Sold by: wayne45     Located in  grovetown, GA
Sport Utility  $6,800 7/29/2014
5:03:12 PM
2003 Infiniti G35*looking for a fair cash offering*lets talk
Sold for 10k cash :) GOTTA LUV IT
Sold by: slickster     Located in  Greenville, SC
Import  $1 7/29/2014
12:32:27 AM
1997 Chevrolet S10
Mautofied works
Sold by: Madmikeone23     Located in  shelbyville, TN
Mini Truck  $2,200 7/29/2014
12:04:54 AM
2003 Chevrolet z71
got cash for it..
Sold by: samredding     Located in  orlando, FL
Lifted Trucks  $7,000 7/28/2014
7:14:38 PM
1986 Chevy Corvette Convertible Custom interior and body kit
Sold for cash
Sold by: slickster     Located in  Greenville, SC
Classic Cars  $1 7/28/2014
11:45:55 AM
1999 Chevrolet Tahoe LT
Thanks again mautofied. great website
Sold by: qwik-gst     Located in  Roanoke , VA
Lifted Trucks  $6,500 7/28/2014
7:59:25 AM
2002 Chevrolet Z71 silverado
Thank u
Sold by: Lynfrme1990     Located in  brandon, MS
Lifted Trucks  $7,000 7/27/2014
9:46:14 PM
2012 Ford F150
Traded for a badass '13 Flex
Sold by: boreded2001     Located in  Krebs, OK
Full Size Trucks  $28,000 7/27/2014
9:25:41 PM
1949 Chevrolet balir
someone seen it and we traded thanks mautofied
Sold by: loborm     Located in  savannah, TN
Project  $1,800 7/27/2014
9:00:04 PM
2001 Chevrolet Corvette zo6
Sold by: chrisday     Located in  knoxville, TN
Domestic  $23,500 7/27/2014
5:49:01 PM
1993 GMC 1500
Sold by: shadec     Located in  Hazard, KY
Hot Rods  $1 7/27/2014
12:59:05 PM
2000 Honda Cbr
4k cash proud owner
Sold by: civic12     Located in  lewisburg, TN
Street Bikes   $5,000 7/27/2014
1:50:40 AM