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Photos Year / Make / Model Category Price Sold Date
1955 Chevrolet Belair
Sold by: cummins75     Located in  waddy, KY
Classic Cars  $25,000 8/29/2014
7:02:03 AM
2004 Ford Explorer
Gave the Explorer to my mom... Thanks Mautofied!!! 😈
Sold by: Steve_o     Located in  London, KY
Stock Vehicles  $1 8/29/2014
12:42:20 AM
2000 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71
Great advertising
Sold by: 89liftedk5     Located in  Chesterfield, SC
Lifted Trucks  $10,000 8/29/2014
12:30:21 AM
1979 Chevrolet Impala Kandy Green
Traded for a bagged limo
Sold by: knucklebusterschopshop     Located in  Lebanon, TN
Donks  $5,800 8/28/2014
4:38:00 PM
1968 Plymouth road runner
Lots of trade offers but finally got cash and a trade that I was looking for.
Sold by: Ohioguru     Located in  ontario, OH
Muscle Cars  $18,000 8/28/2014
11:35:20 AM