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Hi, Here is a brand new set of the front and rear, wide chrome bumper side moldings for the 81 thru 86 monte carlo's. I have been working on getting these made for alot of month's now and alot of money in them. These are made just like the gm trim molding's where but i had them modified them at the bottom lower edge to let water and dirt out front behind the trim molding's. I had a groove cut in the lower edge and you can see that in the pictures. Thought of this when i took old moldings off the bumper cover's and seen all the dirt and stuff behind the moldings and it will let water and dirt come out from molding's from now on. I have tryed these on the old bumper cover's i have off a 83 monte carlo to make sure they fit perfect. They fit better then the gm old ones did and have the four studs on back side just like the gm ones did. I have all new round flat retaining lock washers to go on each molding and comes with the moldings. They are not cheap made and the chrome finish is like a mirror on these and they are perfect condition. You can not get these any more from gm because they have been discontinued many years ago. To install these, just take off your old ones, clean the bumper cover off of any dirt and stuff behind the old molding. Take the new molding and put the studs thru the bumper cover and take a new round flat locking washer and push it on the stud on the back of the molding till it is tight against the back side of bumper cover. Use 4 locking washer per each molding. Do the rest of the moldings the same way. When i took the old moldings off the monte carlo that i got the moldings from, i had to take a long flat edge screw driver and go in at edge of the trim molding and break off the old studs from molding's because the old round locking washer's did not want to come off back side of the molding's. Was on there good and tight. You might want to do this to get your old moldings off. Alot easyer but watch and not hit your paint job with screw driver. {Shipping cost will be $7.70 by usps priority mail as long as your in the U.S.!!!} Also, i have on my other item's listed here on this web site,, the front and rear and rear top chrome bumper trim strips for the 81 thru 86 monte carlo's if you need a set of them to for your monte carlo. Just look at my other item's i have listed for them. If you have any questions, please send me a email and i will be more then glad to answer them for you. Thanks,Larry {I give a 100% satisfaction on this trim moldings or your payment back!!!} YOU CAN SEE THIS SET LISTED ON EBAY ALSO AT THIS LINK. https://www.ebay.com/itm/352254012108?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

{I have added 2 more pics of a brand new nos gm molding right out of the gm bag to show you what the gm molding look's like compared to the trim molding's i had made. The gm molding chrome finish is dull looking and back side is not even chromed and edge's are not completely covered. GM used a plastic clear coating on front side of trim and that is what go's bad and fade's and then cracks and peel's off and along with the chrome. The new trim molding's are chrome plated and will not do this. I paid all most $100.00 for this gm molding and if you can find a full set, it would cost you all most $400.00 a set and still not get the quality that these new molding's are made of. So, check out the last 2 pics and see for yourself the difference in them. Just wanted to show you what your getting. } Thanks,Larry

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