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  ":: PatienTly Waited & traded for a 31 Ford Pickup Project ::"

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Contact:  Mike
Offer History:  117 Offer(s)
Vehicle Details
No Paint
Exterior Color
Two Door Truck
Rear Wheel
4 Cylinders
5 Speed Manual
89 Octane
Interior Color
Vehicle Modifications
14" Custom Rims
Custom Body Work
Custom Paint
Custom Interior
Airbags (Suspension)
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79' DatsuN- 620- BulletsiDe>>

4" traditional body drop
1 1/4" stock floor
IRS from a 1980 Datsun 280Z
Cantilever front suspension (in Cab)
4" Chop Top Roof
2" Horizontal Body Section
10" Bed Bob
Full Back half ( 4 x 2 ) box Tubing
Water Jet cut Custom Cantilever Brackets (front & back)
Homeade Front Upper & Lower Control Arms..
All Custom Crossmembers
Rear Cantilever Shocks
Shortened Steering Column
Slam Specialtiez Bags
2-3 Gallon Air Tanks
Burlap Gunny Sack Seats & door Panels
Coker White Walls
Powdercoated Wheels, and Engine Components
Body is Soda Blasted to bare metal, and Clearcoated

Truck Lays Door SO HARD, that it's almost impossible 2 open doors when completly layed out.....lol
Don't know what I scrape more... My frame, or tha bottom of tha door edge...

This truck is a real headturner, not yur everyday minitruck, but I can't even take it to tha' gas station, without 10 people gathering around it, and admiring it.... jus tha fact it is SO slammed, people are mind boggled it can even drive!! they stand in confusion, and disbelief, when I drive it off!! lol

Total Measurement to highest point of Roof is 39"
Total Build Time= 950+ hrs......

Down 2 Trade 4 something else...just need a reliable Everyday Driver, or Dragger.....
Open to most ratrods, full size trucks, or a Custom Lifted UTV!! (Polaris Ranger RZR) or (Rhino)


Let's Hear THEM OFFERS!!!! No BULLshit offers guys c'mon!! Only if yur serious, and actually think i would consider it fair on my side as well..........


 Questions and Answers
Q: How long has your truck been cantilevered in the front?
A: Will be 2 years this August
Q: Ya know dought. Anyone who has ever built their own ride can def see that. What and how did you come up with the design to put the front bags in the cab that was crazy how much lift do you get with them their.
A: Tha front suspension all started with a rendering....Over 140 hours alone went into fabricating tha front bag setup! Mostly trial and error, and figuring out tha right anglez to pull it off with! Each bag lifts tha opposite side of tha truck, with tha use of a total of 4 link bars, 2 torsion bars, 4 hinges, 4 Cantilever brackets, and 10 adj. Heim Joints... I get a bout 7" of lift in front... Had to have 3 seperate Sets of Cantilever Brackets made on a Water Jet til I got them to work... That was1200 dollars alone right there!! Haha
Q: Damn son you single handly just took it to the next level with that peice. The truck is sick as hell!!
A: Thankz bro! A lot of hard work, and passion went into it!
Q: Nice ride man! Good job on the build dont see shit like this everyday. To bad that you live so far away I would have some trade offers for you. Good luck with the trade / sale.
A: Well anything is possible!!! I have a trailer, and dependable pull truck, so if ya got some trade offers, let's see em!! I'm down to travel!
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Cleveland, TN, United States
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